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Advanced Celtic Shamanism:The hazel tree and the sacred well - ancient mythical symbols of Celtic wisdom and spirituality - provide a thread to follow through history and lore, back to the ancient practice of European shamanism. In her new book, D. J. Conway uses the four paths of shamanism (healer, bard, warrior, and mystic) to translate Celtic spirituality into a usable form for today's seekers. Unlike beginners' guides now on the market, this book is an advanced study of the practice. This is the long awaited sequel to By Oak, Ash and Thorn that DJ Conway has been promising her faithful readers for so long. Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores! You may order this book from AMAZON.

Animal Magick: The Art of Recognizing and Working with Familiars: Be they real or from another dimension, animal familiars can forewarn you of danger, help you work magick, develop your psychic abilities and heal. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

By Oak, Ash & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism: A modern form of Celtic shamanism that can help anyone raise their spiritual awareness and develop their ties with the natural world. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS


Advanced Celtic Shamanism   Animal Magic   By Oak Ash and Thorn  

The Celtic Book of Names: A book giving definitions of Celtic personal and surnames from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Also included are brief histories of each of these Celtic regions. Carol Publishing. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Celtic Magic: An in-depth discussion of the Celtic pantheon, way of life and worship, as well as an extensive how-to of practical spell working. 200,000 in print! Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Crystal Enchantments: A Complete Guide to Stones
: A thick compendium of the historical, physical, and magical properties of all kinds of stones, as well as sections on using stones for a wide variety of magical purposes. Crossing Press. Order this book from AMAZON or from


Celtic Book of Names   Celtic Magic   Crystal Enchantments

Dancing with Dragons: A ritual book to help you befriend and work with these powerful mythical creatures for increasing spiritual fulfil lment, knowledge, health and happiness. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection & the Astral World: A complete how-to book that in cludes historical lore, a groundwork of astral plane basics, and a simplified learning system. Llewellyn. Out of print.

Laying On Of Stones: Heal and protect yourself and all your relations with the gentle but powerful energies of stones. Forty detailed diagrams show you exactly wehre to place a variety of stones to help your body heal itself or enrich your life through a magical manifestation of desires. Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores! You may order this book from AMAZON or CHAPTERS

Dancing With Dragons   Flying Without a Broom  Laying on of Stones

The Little Book of Altars:A book that discusses the history behind personal altars, the ancient symbols that we still recognize and use, and the various deities and saints who can be called upon. Altars are a multi-cultural path to spirituality. The purpose of any altar, says D. J. Conway, is to symbolize what we want to attract into our lives. In A Little Book of Altar Magic, she shows how, without knowing they are doing so, people are constantly building altars around them, and she encourages readers to make altars consciously, using them to create a sacred space in the home. The very act of creating an altar teaches the builder to listen to the subconscious and become receptive to the sacred in life, Conway suggests. She explains the process in simple terms: planning the project, acknowledging the emotions behind the decision, and doing the actual building. The book guides the reader to what items to look for in furnishing an altar, giving information gleaned from historical and modern approaches on the use of colors, the elements, objects, and symbols. Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores!. You may order this book from AMAZON.

The Little Book of Candle Magic: This book shows how to use candles as magical tools to find a mate, achieve enlightenment, or improve life materially or spiritually. In A Little Book of Candle Magic, D. J. Conway gives a thorough introduction to tapping the reservoirs of magic in candles. Sometimes including oils and herbs in her spells, she begins by suggesting that novices start with a small goal they wish to accomplish. She provides chants, meditations, and affirmations and encourages readers to create their own. Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores! You may order this book from AMAZON.

The Little Book of Pendulum Magic: More Information Soon!
Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores!

Little Book of Altars   Little Book of Candle Magic  

Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth & Reality of the Triple Goddess: Men and women alike can use this book to translate the ancient myths and archetypes of the Great Goddess into personal revelations. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Moon Magick: Moon deities and their myths, crafts and recipes, rituals and spells, plus a dictionary of Moon gods and goddesses. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Magickal Mythical Mystical Beasts    Maiden, Mother, Crone    Moon Magick

Magickal, Mythical Creatures: Learn the esoteric meanings of such creatures as unicorns, griffins, gargoyles, and others and call upon them for aid. A one-of-a-kind book of mystical creatures. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

The Mysterious, Magickal Cat: The Magick of Claw & Whisker: A complete look at the beguiling cat: from what the flick of a tail means to how you can use discarded whiskers in your magical workings. Explore the lore and history of cats great and small, and discover how other cultures honored cats throughout the ages. Out of print.

Norse Magick: Easy-to-read introduction to the Norse religion and Teutonic mythology with a feminine and Goddess orientation. Llewellyn. Order this book from AMAZON or from CHAPTERS

Wicca -The Complete Craft: This is the ultimate guide to the ancient religion of Wicca! Wicca: The Complete Craft offers a comprehensive overview of Wiccan philosophy, dispels the common misconceptions, and is a useful primer for practicing Wicca as a spiritual lifestyle. Included are chapters on sacred space, ritual tools, holy days, meditations and visualizations, spells and the art of spell casting, as well as terminology. The Crossing Press. Now in the bookstores!

The Mysterious Magical Cat   Norse Magic  Wicca the Complete Craft


The Dream Warrior: Book 1 of the Dream Warrior Trilogy: In this fantasy-adventure story, danger, intrigue, and adventure seem to follow dauntless Corri Farblood wherever she goes. So ld as a child to the grotesque master thief Grimmel, Corri becomes the best thief in the city of Hadliden. Horrified at the personal plans Grimmel has for her, she escapes with the aid of a traveling sorcerer, who has a quest of his own to pursue. Journey across the wide land of Sar Akka with Corri, the sorcerer Imandoff Silverhair, and the warrior woman Takra Wind-Rider as they search for an ancient place of power, battling against time and enemies to solve the mystery of Corri's heritage and her potent clairvoyant gifts. To live, Corri must learn the meaning of companionship and finally confront a fate that will test her powers and courage to the limit. Llewellyn. Out of print.

Soothslayer: Book II of the Dream Warrior Trilogy
. The saga of Corri Farblood continues as she battles against the mounting threat to the people of Sar Akka. With Takra Wind-Rider her warrior sister, Tirkul the Tuonela warrior, Gadavar the Green Man, and Imandoff the Sorcerer, Corri prepares to stand against the evil onslaught of the rulers of Frav, led by her own father. How will she unmask the one called the Soothsayer, whose dark powers are heralded by ancient prophecy? And finally, will Corri's courage and strength be great enough to protect her friends and the man she loves from their many enemies? Llewellyn. Out of print.

Warrior of Shadows: Book III of The Dream Warrior Trilogy
: The heroine Corri Farblood finally must face the evil of her father Kayth and defeat him. If she loses the battle, all those she has come to love will be destroyed, as will the freedom of the Four Peoples of Sar Akka. Corri's life has become interwoven with such people as Imandoff, Takra Wind-Rider, the little Tuonela girl she saved from persecution, the gentle Oracle at the Temple, and Gadavar, the man who loves her. Burdened with the possible death of one close to her that she saw in her battle with the lifethreads, and carrying a secret about herself, Corri enters the evil-filled Fire Temple to face the greatest challenge of her life. She must come face to face with the worst evil her world has ever known and win the battle. If she loses, she will die-and all freedom of the Four Peoples with her. Llewellyn. Out of print.

The Dream Warrior   Soothslayer   Warrior of Shadows

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